Multifunctional Wireless QpenInteract with our newest Flow! Works Pro to customize its functions. Use your favorite functions with one-click. Interact with PowerPoint to carry out more functions like remote control, annotation, mouse control,enter key function,slideshow mode etc.Model:Qpen
OPSInteractive Touch Screen Monitor Accessories.In-built interactive panels for windows system. Memory option: 4GB/16GB DDR4 Storage option:128GB SSDModel:S042E-I5 6500          Model:S042E-I7 7700Product details
PentrayA 'home' for Qpen. With hot keys of 'save' button, 'screen shot“ button, 'keyboard'button, 'paging'button,etc. Power charging for wireless Qpen. Attached a pointer and eraser for teacher/speaker.Interact with our newest software Flow! Works Pro to make it easy for users to lock screen, enter desktop mode, access on screen keyboard and save files etc.Model:QPT-200
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